Fellow of 2008, NIP, Dr, Kam Fan 聶錦勳


FHKEng (2008) A2 B1 C1

Academic degrees:
BSc, BA(Hon), MA, MSc, PhD, BD, BSc(Econs), BA

Professional qualifications:

Honours, affiliations and other appointments:
– Honorary Fellow, Open University, Hong Kong

Ir Dr Nip has long experience in urban development planning and administration. Throughout his 36 years of engineering service in the Hong Kong Government, he took part in pioneering the development of traffic engineering in Hong Kong and has used his uniquely wide knowledge and engineering experience in various ways. He participated in the setting up of the Traffic and Transport Survey Division in the former Public Works Department. As Urban Area Development Advisor, he initiated public consultation in the planning of major urban construction projects when Hong Kong began the democratic process. This new aspect has since become the standard practice and an important step in urban development management. After retiring from government service, he continued to contribute towards community development through non-governmental organizations.