Fellow of 2012, ZHANG, Professor, Tongyi 張統一


FHKEng (2012)

Academic degrees:
MPhil, PhD

Professional qualifications:
FHKIE 2003, Fellow of ASM International, USA, 2001

Honours, affiliations and other appointments:
– Vice president of the International Congress on Fracture (ICF) since 2013;
– ICF Fellow;
– Vice president of The Far East and Oceanic Fracture Society since 2001;
– Second Prize of 2007 State Natural Science Award, China;
– Second Prize of 1987 State Natural Science Award, China;
– The 1988 National Award for Young Scientists, China;
– Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2011;
– Senior Research Fellow of Croucher Foundation, Hong Kong, 2003

Area of Expertise:
Mechanical properties of materials

Ir Professor Zhang has worked over 30 years in the field of mechanical properties of materials, including stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement of metals, crystal defects, micro/nanomechanics, surface stress of solids, fracture of piezoelectric materials, thin films, microbridge tests, thermodynamics of materials, diffusion and phase transformation.