Provision Advice

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Academy Fellows were consulted for expert advice by various bodies in the government and industry as well as academia on a number of occasions. On a more formal level, the Academy gave advice on five occasions.

1. “Building Hong Kong into an IT-City (Status,Business Model, Infrastructure, and Benefits)” was submitted to the Chief Executive of the HKSAR government in 1999.

2. “The Environment Impact of Local Transportation with Special Reference to Electric Vehicles — Building Hong Kong into an Electric Vehicle City” was submitted to the government in 1999.

3. “Framework for Construction Policy Study” was forwarded to the Secretary for Environment, Transport and Works on 20 March 2003.

4. “Realizing Hong Kong’s Development Vision” submitted to the government in 2004 set out the Academy’s views on Hong Kong’s physical development strategy and the formulation of corresponding policy.

5. In 2006, the Academy accepted the invitation of the Dalian Municipal government to advise on implementing its plan of development to an international transportation centre. A team of five specialists was formed to give presentations on Hong Kong’s experience in port and related urban developments. Port development is part of the integrated strategy of economic and urban development. The decision process and major factors of sustainable development on the regional level together with construction and operation issues were highlighted. The Forum was opened by the Mayor of Dalian and very well attended by government officials, industry leaders and university staff. The Vice Mayor of Dalian concluded the Forum and noted that the presentations were characterized by its innovative approach, strategic thinking, comprehensive coverage and proven success.