Fellow of 2014, YUNG, Professor, Kai Leung 容啟亮


FHKEng [2014]  

Academic degrees:
BSc, MSc, DIC, PhD

Professional qualifications:
FHKIE, MIET, CEng, Senior Member CMES

Area of Expertise:
Precision Engneering, Micro Robotics, Micro/Nano Fabrication, Precison Equipment for Space Explorations

Ir Professor Yung is Professor and Associate Head of Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is experienced in developing sophisticated tools for space exploration missions, including “Space Holinser Forceps” for the MIR Space Station, “Mars Rock Corer” for the European Space Agency’s Mars Express Mission (2003), “Soil Preparation System” for the Sino-Russian Phobos-Grunt Mission (2011), and “Camera Pointing System” for Phase 2 of China Lunar Exploration Mission (2013). He is an expert member appointed by China National Space Administration’s Lunar Exploration Program Centre for Phase 3 of China’s Lunar Exploration Programme.