Fellow of 2014, CHU, Professor, Paul K. 朱劍豪


FHKEng [2014]  

Academic degrees:
BSc (Ohio State); MSc (Cornell); PhD (Cornell)

Professional qualifications:

Honours, affiliations and other appointments
– Fellow of MRS (Materials Research Society) for “outstanding contributions to the development of plasma immersion ion implantation for modifying materials surfaces to improve functional properties and obtain novel structures for industrial and biomedical applications” (2013)
– Shanghai Natural Science Award (First Class) 上海自然科學一等獎 for “Study on Plasma Surface Modification and Biocompatibility of Biomedical Titanium Alloys 醫用鈦合金表面等離子體改性及生物相容性硏究” (Shanghai Government, China, 2011)
– Hong Kong Awards for Industry: Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit (Hong Kong Government, 2011)
– Fellow of APS (American Physical Society) for “seminal contributions to the understanding of plasma – materials interactions as well as development and applications of innovative plasma-based surface modification and materials synthesis technologies and instrumentation” (2008)
– James W Mayer Lectureship (Materials Research Society – Taiwan, 2008)
– Award of Excellence for “his work that has led to a much better fundamental understanding of how energetic plasma ions impact on and interact with surfaces. A myriad of innovative plasma technologies and applications, having industrial impact, have also been developed” (Research Excellence Awards Scheme, City University of Hong Kong, 2007)
– IEEE / NPSS (Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society) Merit Award for “contributions to the understanding, development, and applications of plasma-based surface modification and thin film deposition technologies” (2007)
– Fellow of AVS (American Vacuum Society) for “contributions to plasma science and surface engineering of materials and industrial components” (2006)
– Hong Kong Awards for Industry: Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit (Hong Kong Government, 2004)
– Certificate of Merit in Applied Research (City University of Hong Kong, 2004)
– Fellow of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) for “contributions to the understanding of plasma implantation and deposition” (2003)
– Fellow of HKIE (Hong Kong Institution of Engineers) (1999)

Area of Expertise:
Plasma science and engineering; materials science and engineering

Professor Chu  is a leading international figure in surface functionalization and engineering of functional materials and industrial components using plasma-based and related techniques.  In addition to being Fellow of the APS, AVS, MRS, and IEEE, he has received many research awards from IEEE, MRS, etc.  He has been awarded “Thousand Talents of China (中國國家千)” and “Leading Talents of Guangdong Province (廣東省領軍人)”.  He is a highly cited researcher in materials science according to Thomson Reuters.  He is also deeply engaged in technology transfer and commercialization having been granted 25 US, European, and Chinese patents and founded 3 companies.