About Us

The Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences (HKAES) is an organization of Hong Kong’s most eminent engineers of various disciplines who are recognized leaders of the profession with distinguished achievements in engineering sciences or applications. The Academy aims to promote the advancement of the science, art and practice of engineering for the benefit of the public. The objectives are to pursue, encourage and maintain excellence in the entire field of engineering. The wealth of knowledge and experience of the membership provides a unique resource with which the Academy’s objectives can be met. The Academy is empowered by its Memorandum and Articles of Association to undertake different kinds of activities, which include supporting education and research programmes, organizing conferences and seminars, and providing expert advice on engineering matters to government and other bodies.

The Academy was founded in 1994 by eight distinguished engineers in Hong Kong under the leadership of The Hon. Sir S.Y. Chung, GBM, FREng, JP. The need for an independent apolitical body of eminent engineers was becoming evident in the transition period as Hong Kong was approaching the return of sovereignty to China. The government and the businesses were misguided to believe in the non-necessity of home-grown technology. The general public was bewildered by the entanglement of long-term development issues with political disputes, which was both inappropriate and obtrusive to the true public interest. For example, there was confusion as to what and how public interests were best served by the Airport Core Programme or the Strategic Sewage Disposal Scheme (now called the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme).

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