The objects for which the Academy was established are the pursuit, encouragement and maintenance of excellence in the entire field of engineering to useful purpose in order to promote the advancement of the science, art and practice of engineering for the benefit of the public.

The Academy carries out the following activities in respect of the above objectives:

  1. To provide means of assessing the constantly changing needs of Hong Kong and its environs and technical resources that can and should be applied to them, to sponsor programmes aimed at meeting these needs; and to encourage such engineering research and its application as may be advisable in the public interest;
  2. To explore means for promoting cooperation in engineering in Hong Kong and abroad, with a view to securing concentration on problems significant to society and encouraging research and development aimed at meeting them;
  3. To advise the legislature and the executive branch of the government or any department or agency thereof, or any other body, on matters of importance pertinent to engineering and the engineering community;
  4. To give advice on matters of importance pertinent to engineering and to cooperate and foster relations with other organizations and bodies whether cognate or not at home or overseas in pursuit of similar objects;
  5. To promote the education and training of engineers and the awareness of the role of engineers among the young people and general public in Hong Kong;
  6. To serve Hong Kong in other respects in connection with significant problems in engineering and technology;
  7. To recognize in an appropriate manner the outstanding contributions to Hong Kong by leading engineers.