About Us

The need to promote the applications of scientific and engineering knowledge to practical purposes has become more evident after 1997 as Hong Kong people are empowered to manage the territory’ s internal affairs for the first time. Economic restructuring in preparation for the knowledge economy era requires building up new capacity and enhancing Hong Kong’s existing strength in the engineering and technological arena through education, training, development and international exchange. Devotion of the necessary resources for these purposes in turn requires a broadly shared understanding of a wide range of technical issues and opportunities by the society. The Academy has a unique role to contribute leadership to the process of public policy formulation through the expertise and experience of its Fellowship.

Two International Finance Centre is one of the tallest building in Hong Kong and workplace for thousands of finance-related staff. A wide range of engineering services supports the operations of the financial sector.

This task has become all the more important as Hong Kong began the unprecedented task of implementing the principle of “One Country, Two Systems” as a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China. Many societal issues require rational analysis for formulating the appropriate solution, thus offering new scopes for applying the engineering approach. Contributing to public policy has been the principal aim of the Academy’s activities and will remain so in the foreseeable future.

The Fellowship is characterized by its dedication to serving Hong Kong with top-quality engineering expertise and therefore election to the Academy is by invitation only. Up to eight Fellows may be elected annually, with an accumulated total limited to sixty. All are elected by their peers for personal achievements of exceptional merit and distinction. Fellows are distinguished by the title “Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences” with the designatory letters “FHKEng”.

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