Founding Fellow, KAO, Prof Dr, Charles Kuen 高錕

1933 – 2018

MFHKEng (1994) A3 B3 C4
Founding Fellow 1994; President 1997-2000; Immediate Past President 2000-2003

Academic degrees:
BSc, PhD

Professional qualifications:

Membership of other academies:

Honours, affiliations and other appointments:
– Nobel Laureate

Area of Expertise:
Fibre optics, telecommunication, higher education

Ir Professor Kao is one of the most respected telecommunication engineers and academic worldwide particularly in Hong Kong. His long career in fibre optic telecommunication started in 1960s in the University of London followed by Standard Telephones and Cables and their research centre (now Nortel Networks). He pioneered the application of fibre optic in telecommunication transmission.

He later became a director of research at ITT, Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (1987-1996) and CEO of ITX Services Ltd.

He was awarded numerous high profile prizes including IEEE’s Alexander Graham Bell Medal 1985 and Japan Prize 1996.