Fellow of 2005, TAN, Professor, Chung Jen 譚祟仁


FHKEng [2005] A2 B3 C4

Academic degrees:
BSEE Seattle, Us 1963, MSEE, DEngSc, Columbia 1969

Professional qualifications:

Area of Expertise:
Software Engineering

Ir Professor Tan‘s expertise is in software engineering. He is well known for the Deep Blue project that won the computer-versus-human chess contest in 1997. Professor Tan’s current professional interest is in the research and technology transfer in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Application Platforms and Internet Infrastructures that are relevant to the Greater China region. Professor Tan holds the positions of Visiting IBM Chair Professorship at the Department of Computer Science and the School of Business, as well as being the Director of the E-business Technology Institute of the University of Hong Kong.